Falconry has been inscribed by UNESCO as a living cultural heritage

At a Meeting of the Parties to the 2003 Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage being held in Nairobi this week, UNESCO has officially designated Falconry on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The idea that Falconry deserves the status of a cultural heritage was born by CIC VP and hunting historian Prof. Monika Reiterer, who already published it in the mid 1990s and officially proposed it at CIC AGM in Berlin in 2000. The initiative was then taken over by Abu Dhabi who turned it into an international project and eventually made the submission to UNESCO in September 2009 on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the Syrian Arab Republic. Later, Austria, Croatia and Hungary joined.

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